12 Seater Minibus

12 Seater Minibus

12 Seater Minibus

Whether you’re on your way into town to shop or headed elsewhere for vacation, we can help you get there comfortably and affordably.  Our staff will be able to help you book transportation for your group, sports team, or family.  We are available 24/7/365 and are ready to help you plan your trip.

A Little Larger.

For a full party of 12 people or a smaller party that requires more room than our 8 seater XL can provide, a 12 seater minibus is available.  Ford Transit Tourneos are used; their reliability is unmatched.  Classy and comfortable, our 12 seater minibuses with tinted windows offer a private journey through Bury and beyond.  Our staff performs routine maintenance on these vehicles with scheduled maintenance by the vehicle manufacturer.  These minibuses are large enough to accommodate all of your group’s members and their luggage comfortably and with enough room to spare.

For a party of 9 or 10 who does not require extra room and does not want to pay the price of a 12 seater, a 10 seater is available.  This vehicle is also a Ford Transit Tourneo and boasts the same reliability and craftsmanship as the 12 seater.  As with all of our vehicles, we guarantee a clean and comfortable ride.

Our Price Includes Everything.

The cost of renting our 12 seater minibus is affordable yet competitive.  We take pride in being able to meet any transportation need at any time, but the 12 seater is a popular choice for travel in and around Bury; taking the time to make your transportation arrangements before your trip is recommended.  There is an online quote form available that can estimate the price of your transportation, or you could feel free to call, email, or visit our offices so we can assist you in securing your travel needs.  We are dedicated to giving you the best price possible and are willing to work with you to satisfy any need or request you may have.

We are available at all times to help you obtain the necessary transportation for your group trip.  We are happy to assist you in your quest to secure transportation for your group, team, or family, and we promise to provide reliable and comfortable service to everyone in your party.  Whether you’re traveling around Bury or beyond, Minibus hire Bury is here for you.