16 Seater Minibus

16 Seater Minibus

16 Seater Minibus

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.  We take pride in the fact that we can provide clean, comfortable, and reliable transportation, wherever and whenever you need to travel.  Our agents will take their time and listen to your requests and concerns.  Our drivers, who are hand picked for their cautious driving and familiarity with the streets of Bury, will safely navigate the streets of Bury and beyond in order to get you where you need to go on time.

A Perfect Choice For A Football Team

For groups of 14 and over, or for smaller groups who just want a little extra room to breathe, a 16 seater is available for rent from Us.  These buses are Ford Transit Tourneos and are clean, comfortable, and classy.  They also provide the customer with a sense of privacy thanks to their tinted windows.  Every vehicle is maintained by staff and manufacturer mechanics and provides a smooth, comfortable ride, no matter the destination.

For groups of 12 -14 people who do not want to upgrade to the 16 seater, there is also a smaller 15 seater minibuses.  These vehicles—also Ford Transit—are comfortable and maintain the quality standards of our conventional, full sized minibuses and are staffed with the same caliber driver.  Additionally, the 15 seaters, as well as all of our other vehicles, are able to operate on all terrains; inclement weather will not ruin your journey.

We Always Offer The Best Price

The price for a 15 seater or 16 seater depends on how long the rental will be used.  If you would like an estimate for your trip, a rental quote form is available on the website.  If you would rather work with one of our agents to secure transportation for your trip, you can call, email, or visit us at Minibus hire Bury.  We will assist you in securing adequate transportation of your group or sports team with the promise of of reliable, punctual transport to and from wherever it is that you need to go.

We have open availability and are always willing to help you in your search for transportation.  Minibus hire Bury strives to meet all of your needs with our vehicles, whether you’re simply traveling around Bury or adventuring outside the city limits.  Contact our office today to book and start your journey.