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Alton Towers

Are you tired of your regular routine and planning a getaway for the weekend? If yes then what could be a better vacation then to visit Alton Towers Theme Parks. This theme park/water park located in the region of Staffordshire, United Kingdom has been ranked as number one on the charts of United Kingdom’s top most theme parks. And why shouldn’t it? With its mesmerizing attractions, Alton towers totally deserve the first spot.

Alton Tower has been a legitimate source of entertainment for families since 1980. The theme park remains open from late March to early November, providing you with approximately 225 days to visit the exciting place whenever you want. This most visited theme park is home to many of the nation’s best, thrilling rides.

Nemesis, Oblivion, Air, Rita, and TH13TEEN – these are names of some of the appealing rides awaiting you at Alton Towers. That is not just it! In 2013, The Smiler was launched at this theme park, which is known to be the first 14 inversion roller coaster all around the globe. Isn’t that amazing? Also, Alton Towers not just offers a thrilling experience, but gives you an opportunity to calm your nerves and relax at the spas and Water Park situated here.

Alton Towers is not just a theme park, but is also a hotel complex. Thus, if you are planning to leave your home alone for the night, you can get yourself a room at the hotel and spend your night here for an enhanced experience. The interiors of the hotel quite creatively revolve around the exploits of explorer Sir Algernon. The space of the hotel is flooded with minute, quirky things, Sir Algernon’s very own flying ship placed in the middle of the hotel being one of them.  If you are staying at the hotel then the park will be open to you an hour before the rest of the public can step in. Plus, the resort also offers some outstanding seasonal events, like Halloween scare fest, firework display, and so on.

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